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December 11, 2020
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Dental emergencies comprise more than lost fillings. A pressing oral health need involves sudden tooth loss, oral lacerations, cracked crowns, toothaches or fractured/chipped teeth. At Eagle Dental in Homer, AK, Dr. James Bourne and his staff handle emergencies with speed, accuracy and of course, kindness. Here's what to do when you're faced with one of these situations.

What's a true emergency?

If you're experiencing severe oral bleeding, a dislocated jaw, broken facial bones or airway swelling, you have a true dental emergency. Get to your local hospital emergency room right away, advises the American Dental Association (ADA).

Also, very urgent dental problems require immediate action. Even though they are not truly life-threatening, they may involve:

  • Pain
  • Lose of oral function
  • Damage to personal appearance
  • Loss or fracture of a restoration or tooth replacement, such as a filling, crown or denture
  • Tooth fractured or knocked out
  • Lateral displacement of one or more teeth
  • Infection with pain, drainage, swelling, and fever

What can you do?

You can stabilize most emergencies with advice from your friends at Eagle Dental in Homer, AK. Call for a kind and quick response. Here are some immediate interventions to employ before seeing Dr. Bourne:

  • Avulsed tooth Rinse the tooth with clear water, leaving any soft tissue intact. Place the tooth roots down into the socket and hold it there until you see Dr. Bourne for reimplantation.
  • Broken tooth, filling or crown Bring the pieces to the office. Your dentist may use composite resin or other materials to repair your tooth.
  • Toothache You may have a deep filling, impacted tooth or dental abscess. Take ibuprofen according to label directions, and ice your jaw as needed. Call our office for advice and an appointment.
  • Broken orthodontic wire Cover it with orthodontic wax.
  • Bleeding Apply pressure with a 4x4 gauze pad or clean cloth.
  • Foreign object in between teeth Use dental floss to dislodge it.
  • Broken partial or full denture Do not attempt a repair yourself. Bring your appliance to the office.

We will help you right away

At Eagle Dental in Homer, AK, our patients come first. In an emergency, Dr. Bourne and his team provide superior care to make you comfortable and your smile, looking and working at its very best. Never hesitate to call us at (907) 235-8574.


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