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By Eagle Dental
January 06, 2021
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For your best smile, you want healthy, attractive teeth and gums. However, if one or more teeth are weak, misshapen or damaged, that dream is unrealistic. What's your solution? Why not consult Dr. James Bourne at Eagle Dental in Homer, AK? This experienced dentist often uses all-porcelain crowns to protect and beautify less than perfect teeth, sparing them additional degradation or dental extraction.

Should you get a dental crown?

A crown, or cap as it is sometimes called, is a porcelain jacket that approximates the size and shape of your natural tooth. After some tooth shaping and enamel reduction, your dentist permanently cements the crown in place.

Your tooth will blend right in with the rest of your teeth, and you'll bite, chew and smile with complete confidence. News-Medical.Net reports that dental crowns last up to 15 years when you care for them properly.

Here's what you and your dentist will consider together in his Homer, AK, office:

  1. Is there enough viable tooth structure left to accept a tooth-shaped porcelain crown?
  2. Does your tooth require root canal therapy to quell infection?
  3. Do you wish to improve and protect the appearance, shape and strength of your tooth above the gum line?

A visual inspection of your tooth and an X-ray will confirm if you are a candidate for a crown.

Uses for a dental crown

Your dentist can use a dental cap to remake any number of oral health issues, including:

  • Tooth fracture
  • Deteriorating fillings and cracked tooth enamel
  • Dental abscess (a root canal treatment comes first)
  • Congenitally malformed teeth, such as peg-shaped lateral incisors
  • Dental implant restoration (today's best tooth-replacement after extraction)
  • Support of a dental bridge made of one or more pontic, or replacement, teeth
  • Filling narrow gaps between teeth

Caring for a crown

Once your tooth is crowned, you simply brush and floss each day to keep it clean and shining. While caps do not decay, their margins can develop gum disease with plaque build-up. So, your good oral hygiene habits are critical. Also, you should protect your restoration from fracture by avoiding hard foods, such as nuts, and by never using your teeth as a tool to open packages or bottles.

Finally, see Dr. Bourne at Eagle Dental twice a year for a professional cleaning and exam. He'll check on the condition of your crown and other existing restorations.

Protect your smile

A porcelain crown may be just what you need. Don't delay. Phone our Homer, AK, office for your crown consultation with Dr. James Bourne. Your dentist will explain the procedure so you make an informed decision. Call Eagle Dental at (907) 235-8574.

By Eagle Dental
June 09, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

How Dental Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth

It’s almost impossible to bite or chew properly if you have even just one damaged tooth. Shooting pains and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures are just some of the symptoms. Not to mention the fact that you feel self-conscious about your smile. Dental crowns offer an effective solution to chipped, fractured, or broken teeth. Dr. James Bourne is a dentist at Eagle Dental in Homer, AK. He can help you restore your damaged teeth with dental crowns.

Restoring Tooth Function with a Dental Crown

Because a dental crown completely covers a damaged tooth. It eliminates pain and discomfort while restoring the functionality of the tooth and protecting it from further damage. Once the crown has bonded, it is securely in place and you don’t have to worry about it breaking or falling off. You will be able to eat and drink as normal without worrying about your tooth hurting. No one will know that you have a crown because they are designed to be the same size, shape, and color as your natural teeth.

What Happens When You Get a Dental Crown?

Our Homer dental patients find that getting a crown is a straightforward procedure. You can expect:

  • Dr. Bourne will take X-rays to examine the health of the inner pulp of the tooth. If it is infected, he will perform a root canal.
  • Some of your damaged tooth’s outer enamel will be removed and an impression is made so the lab can make you a crown.
  • Once the crown has arrived, Dr. Bourne will bond it to your tooth and make sure you have a natural smile.

If you have a damaged tooth, you should get it treated as soon as possible to avoid infection or further damage. If you are looking for a dentist in Homer, AK, contact Dr. Bourne at (907) 235-8574 to schedule a consultation.

By Eagle Dental
June 05, 2018
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Do you need crowns from your Homer, AK, dentist?Dental Crowns

Crowns are vital for restoring your dental health. Often confused with veneers, crowns are quite different. Veneers adhere to small areas, but crowns cover the whole tooth.

More About Crowns

They improve your smile and protect your teeth. They are synthetic caps placed over teeth and usually made of porcelain. Crowns help reinforce weakened teeth and hide aesthetically unflattering teeth. Often referred to as caps, crowns are used to cover unappealing teeth after undergoing restorative procedures, like root canals and dental implants.

Unsightly teeth can also result from:

  • Serious traumas that result in cracks, chips, fractures, or dents
  • Yellowed or stained teeth because of smoking, chewing tobacco, or aging
  • Poor dental hygiene leading to cavities and severe decay

Crowns are used for several procedures, such as attaching bridges, covering implants, and protecting loose fillings that may completely dislodge.

Crown Procedure

Your Homer doctor prepares your tooth so that it may fit under your crown. An impression of your tooth is taken and sent to a lab where a custom-designed crown is manufactured. Your doctor can provide you with a temporary crown until your permanent crown arrives from the lab.

How to Care for Crowns

There are several things you can do to maintain a healthy oral regiment and prolong your crowns, which may last up to eight years or longer.

  • Maintain a hygienic oral regimen to avoid plaque buildup and cavities will help crowns last. Make sure your regimen consists of brushing your teeth twice a day, and flossing at least once a day.
  • Wear a nightguard if you suffer from bruxism, teeth grinding, as well, so make sure you discuss this with your dentist.
  • See your dentist twice a year for professional cleanings, eating healthy and using fluoride-containing products improve chances of your crowns lasting longer.

For more information on dental crowns, call Dr. James Bourne in Homer, AK, at (907) 235-8574 today!

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