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Emergency Dental Care

It always seems that injuries happen at the most inconvenient times, and damage to your teeth is no exception. While your dentist in dental careHomer, AK, Dr. James Bourne, is available during office hours at Eagle Dental to treat dental emergencies, sometimes you need some at-home remedies to tide you over while you come to our office. Below, Dr. Bourne discusses some of the supplies you should think about keeping on hand for those unexpected toothaches and injuries.

Tooth saving solution

When a permanent tooth becomes avulsed, or knocked out, timing is everything. The structures inside the tooth - nerves, tissue and blood vessels - have only about 15 minutes before they begin to die off. If you can't get to your dentist within that timeframe, having a tooth saver kit on hand is the difference between saving a tooth and needing a replacement. These kits, which can be purchased at pharmacies, contain a saline solution and a storage container that will keep the tooth viable for longer until you can get to the dentist. Dr. Bourne recommends that all his patients keep these kits on hand, especially families who have children that play sports.​

Other useful items

If a toothache or other dental problem comes up, there are several useful items that you probably have around your house. A warm saltwater rinse can help promote healing of a sore or an oral surgery site. Vanilla or peppermint extract can also provide some of the same benefits as clove oil. Chewing on a slice of fresh ginger is also helpful at providing temporary relief from dental pain.

It's important to remember that seeing Dr. Bourne, your dentist in Homer, AK, as soon as possible is the key to long-lasting relief from dental problems. Contact Eagle Dental with any questions you may have!

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