Why Regular Trips To Your Dentist Are Important

Brush. Floss. Rinse. You know the daily drill for proper oral hygiene and are off to a great start for optimal dental health. But complimenting your at-home routine with regular cleanings and exams at your dentist's office is imperative for lifelong healthy teeth.

Dentist Dr. James Bourne of Eagle Dental in Homer, AK, recommends a visit every six months for your best teeth. Here is why those visits are so crucial:

Clean teeth

Brushing and flossing are the best ways to get rid of food debris and lingering sugars on the teeth after eating and drinking. But even thorough brushers can miss particles, especially on the back teeth and other hard-to-reach areas, which begin to develop into plaque over time.

Once tartar builds up and hardens, it can't be removed with a toothbrush alone. Your dentist in Homer, AK, has special tools to gently scrape away tartar between the teeth, along the gums and on the surface of the tooth to reveal your cleanest teeth.

Oral health

Your dentist visit is an opportunity for your dentist to look for any dental damage or decay that may not be obvious. Small cracks can become susceptible to bacteria, and untreated cavities can cause deep decay. By spotting any issues before they progress, your dentist can treat them quickly and effectively. Your dentist may also take x-rays at your appointment, which can detect problems not visible to the naked eye.


Your dentist has powerful tools to polish your teeth to their cleanest, removing surface stains and buildup so your teeth are shiny and white.

Exploring restorative or cosmetic dental procedures

If you have overcrowded, crooked, yellowed, damaged, missing, or decayed teeth, you and your dentist can discuss the treatment options available at our office.

Call dentist Dr. Bourne in Homer, AK, today to schedule your cleaning and exam. Reach Eagle Dental at 907-235-8574.

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